Matthew Bridger recently visited the Erasmus Project of one of our partners Bauhaus Cafe CIC in Folkestone, Kent. A Youth Exchange is a unique opportunity to learn about fellow young people living in different cultures and countries, a chance to develop new skills, to participate in a life changing experience and be involved in something different. A Youth Exchange, is a programme of activities in another country that mobilises informal learning tools to develop skills within young people, especially Employability, Enterprise and Life Skills. These are designed to also help young people move forwards, whether this be towards employment; into education or an apprenticeships; or towards another destination.

Betsy the CEO of Bauhaus Cafe said her Erasmus project aims to explore creativity in young people with mental health issues by allowing them to learn how to design, develop and deliver programmes using arts, crafts and music, meanwhile creating a valuable volunteering experience motivating young people, teaching them skills and developing their sensitivity and understanding of the world around them. The project will raise the aspirations of young people.

Please visit Bauhaus Cafe and see what they do, check out there Facebook Page:

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