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My 6 Point Plan For Ashford

As a Conservative candidate for the Victoria Ward & Ashford, I have decided to launch my six-point plan of pre-election pledges. I want to represent the interests of everyone and to give you a voice at Ashford Borough Council. I am ambitious for Ashford and with your support; I will work to help ensure your concerns are represented at council, back new job opportunities, back investment in the borough for everyone, campaign for a better bus service, campaign for cheaper car parking and ensure our community thrives for many years to come.

Ensure We Have The Best Value Services In Kent

I will ensure the council delivers on its promise of having the lowest council tax in Kent and ensure Ashford Borough Council achieve the recycling rates.

Supporting Local Young People

I will ensure we bring in new educational opportunities and give young people the chance to learn a new skill to help them move into employment. I will also campaign for more social and affordable housing in the borough for local young people.

Ensure New Jobs and Opportunities For Ashford Residents

I will work with the council to ensure new businesses are choosing Ashford because of our positive attitude and ensure our whole local economy benefits from them locating in Ashford.

Ensure Better Public Transport & Infrastructure

Our communities need better roads, better infrastructure and a reliable bus service. I will campaign for cheaper car parks within the borough to increase footfall into the local shops, restaurants and businesses. I will also make sure that people who use public transport aren’t forgotten and ignored. I will work with you to help improve the local bus services with Stagecoach to ensure that we have a bus service which is reliable, on-time, comfy for passengers & is good value for money.

Innovative Ideas To Benefit The Community

I will raise awareness and money to support our wonderful local voluntary and community organisations. Having been someone who has worked first hand with local voluntary and community organisations, I know the amount of value these organisations bring to their users and we need to ensure they continue to operate and grow.

Enhance Our Cultural Offer

I will campaign for a theatre, arts & cultural venue within Ashford, to help enhance our cultural offer, create employment opportunities and attract investment for the benefit of residents.